Pentecost trail

We began by telling the story of some of Jesus' resurrection appearances including his appearance to Mary Magdalene in the garden and the breakfast on the beach story.

This was followed by the story of Jesus' ascension to heaven and finally the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the upper room.

The stories were told in Godly style using objects and symbols.

After the storytelling the class were split into three groups. The first group followed the story trail:

1 Easter Day: Mary


On the first Easter Sunday Mary met Jesus in the garden by the empty tomb. He was alive again! She ran to tell all his friends the good news.

Would you like to take a pearl?

2 Road to Emmaus


Later that day two of Jesus' disciples were walking along the road to Emmaus. A stranger joined them and opened the scriptures to them. He explained everything the prophets said about Jesus.

Would you like to take a scroll?

3 The stranger


As the stranger spoke, it felt like their hearts were burning within them.

Would you like to take a heart?

4 Back to Jerusalem


The stranger shared a meal with them. When he broke the bread, they realised he was Jesus. They ran all the way back to Jerusalem to tell their friends that they had seen Jesus.

Would you like to take a foot?

5 The upper room


Later that evening the disciples were hiding in the upper room in Jerusalem. Jesus came to them. bringing words of peace. He told them to tell people about saying sorry and being forgiven, and he said that he would send the Holy Spirit to help them.

Would you like to take a dove?

6 Thomas


But Thomas wasn't there that night, so he didn't believe that Jesus was alive again. When Jesus came again he held out his hands saying "touch me" and now Thomas believed.

Would you like to take a hand?

7 The catch of fish


Jesus told the disciples to meet him in Galilee, so they went to wait for him by the lake. They went fishing to pass the time, but they caught nothing. A stranger called out from the shore:"Throw your net out on the other side." The net was filled with so many fish that it was too heavy to pull in.

Would you like to take a fish?

8 Picnic on the beach


John said, "It is the Lord!" Peter jumped into the water and swam to the shore. Jesus cooked fish for them on a fire on the beach,and gave them bread to eat.

Would you like to take a flame?

9 Feed my sheep


Jesus asked Peter three times "Do you love me?" Each time Peter said, "Yes, of course I do", and Jesus replied: "Feed my lambs... care for my sheep... feed my sheep."

Would you like to take some wool?

10 Peter forgiven


Peter knew he was forgiven for the three times he pretended not to know Jesus. He had been a follower, and now he was to be a leader. He had been one of the sheep, and now he was to be a shepherd.

Would you like to take a sheep?

11 Go to all people


The disciples climbed up a hill, and Jesus was already there. Jesus said: "Go to all people everywhere and make them my disciples. Baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I will be with you always."

Would you like to take a shell?

12 Ascension


The disciples went back to Jerusalem. Jesus came and led them to a hillside. He told them to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and help them. Jesus raised up his hands and blessed them. Then he was lifted up and a cloud hid him from their sight.

Would you like to take some cotton wool?

13 Angels


Two angels appeared beside them and said: "Why are you looking at the sky? Jesus has gone to heaven, and one day he will return."

Would you like to take an angel?

14 Back to Jerusalem...


The disciples went back to Jerusalem, filled with great joy. They went to the temple and gave thanks to God. Then they went back to upper room to wait and pray.

Would you like to take some praying hands?

15 A strong wind...


On the day of Pentecost they were all gathered together. Suddenly a noise which sounded like a strong wind filled the house.

Would you like to take a house?

16 Tongues of fire


Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire spreading out and resting on each person.

Would you like to take a flame?

17 Sharing the good news


They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and went out into the streets to share the good news of Jesus. Everyone understood in their own language.

Would you like to take the different words for peace?

18 Peter


Peter preached to them about Jesus dying and being alive again.

Would you like to take a cross?

19 Baptism


He told them to be baptised in the name of Jesus, so that they could be forgiven, receive God's gift of the Holy Spirit, and have a clean start. Many were baptised that day.

Would you like to take a shimmer stone?

20 Telling the world


The disciples had become apostles. They went out into the whole world to tell this story.

Would you like to take a world picture?

21 Birthday


At Pentecost Christians celebrate the birthday of the church.

Would you like to take a candle?

Creative response

While one group was following the story trail, the other two groups were offered a time of creative response and refreshments.

One group used model magic to create something to do with the story.

The other group were given card cutouts of doves, flames and crosses to decorate using paintsticks, felt tips, gel pens, jewels and a variety of sparkles and other collage materials.

At the end the class came back together for a short interactive prayer.