Seasons and Festivals

Christian seasons and festivals are important in the rhythm of children's lives.

They reflect the stories of the Christian faith and enable children to mark time in the year; both in celebration and preparation.

Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost are the key points of the year, but the church also focuses on Advent and Lent - times of preparation - and festivals such as Candlemas and All Saints also have their place.

Children are enabled to experience the joys and sorrows of the Christian story, and make connections with their own lives.

Resources for seasons and festivals

Advent: (purple) A time of preparation for Christmas. Christingle services are often held during Advent.

Christmas: (white and gold) Celebrating the birth of Jesus

Epiphany: (white and gold) A time of showing and revealing that starts with the visit of the wise men and ends with Candlemas

Lent: (purple) Six weeks of preparation for Jesus' passion, death and resurrection that starts on Ash Wednesday. See also Tree of life and A seasonal journey. On the fourth Sunday of Lent Mothering Sunday is celebrated.

Holy Week

(red) starts on Palm Sunday and finishes on Holy Saturday. It includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Easter: (white and gold) The celebration of Jesus'resurrection continues for 6 weeks

Pentecost: (red) The coming of the Holy Spirit (sometimes called Whitsunday)

Trinity: (white) The mystery of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Ordinary Time

(green) The Sundays after Trinity and before Advent(and a few Sundays between Epiphany and Lent). Harvest and Bible Sunday fall within this time.

Kingdom Season

(red) This season starts with All Saints and includes Remembrance Day. The church year finishes with the Sunday of Christ the King