Easter trail

On entry the children were invited to take part in the story of Palm Sunday.

They were given palms to wave and to lay down on the road, while they shouted "Hosanna!" to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.

Everyone then moved into the central part of the church to hear the story of Easter. This was told in Godly Play style using objects and symbols, and began with the events of Holy Week.

This included Jesus chasing the moneylenders out of the temple, the widow's mite and the woman who poured perfume over Jesus' feet: contrasting perspectives on the Kingdom.

The story then moved onto the Last Supper, the events of Good Friday and Easter Day itself.

The storyteller spoke of transformation using the symbol of the butterfly and new life using the symbol of the egg and the chick.

After the storytelling the class were split into three groups. The first group followed the story trail:

1 Palm Sunday


On Sunday Jesus came into Jerusalem riding a donkey.

Would you like to take some fur?

2 Hosanna!


The people shouted "Hosanna" and waved palm branches.

Would you like to take a palm leaf?

3 Arrival of the king


They welcomed Jesus as their king.

Would you like to take a crown?

4 The temple


When Jesus went to the temple to pray, he saw people buying and selling things. He was angry and threw them out. He said: "My Father's house should be a place of prayer not a den of thieves."

Would you like to take the praying hands ?

5 The poor woman


Each day Jesus taught the people. He said that the poor woman who gave a small coin gave more than the rich man who gave a whole bag of coins, because the woman gave everything she had.

Would you like to take a coin?

6 The ointment


Each night Jesus and his friends left Jerusalem and went to stay near the Mount of Olives. One evening a woman brought Jesus a special present of perfume. She poured it over him, and Jesus said thank you for helping him to prepare.

Would you like to take a petal?

7 The temple guards


As the crowds gathering around Jesus grew bigger, the temple guards became worried. They wanted to find a way to arrest Jesus. On Thursday morning they were ready, but Jesus wasn't there.

Would you like to take a piece of chain?

8 The servant king


On Thursday evening Jesus and his friends hurried through the dark streets to the upper room. He washed their feet, to show them how to love and care for others. He was a king, but he was also a servant.

Would you like to take a piece of towel?

9 Last supper


Jesus had his last meal with his friends. He said thank you to God and shared the bread and wine with them. He said whenever they remembered him with bread and wine, he would be with them. Judas hurried away into the darkness of the city.

Would you like to take a cup?

10 In the garden


Jesus went with his friends to the garden of Gethsemane to pray, but his friends fell asleep. The temple soldiers came with Judas through the darkness and took Jesus away with them into the night.

Would you like to take a sword?

11 Peace


Jesus said nothing. He showed them peace.

Would you like to take a dove?

12 King of the Jews


The soldiers dressed Jesus in a scarlet robe and put a crown of thorns on his head. They mocked him. pretending to bow down to him, and calling him the King of the Jews.

Would you like to take some scarlet cloth?

13 The cross


On Friday the soldiers took Jesus outside the city walls and put him on a cross.

Would you like to take a cross?

14 God so loves the world...


Christians believe that God so loves the world that he sent his only Son to die for his people.

Would you like to take a heart?

15 The tomb


They buried Jesus in a cave, and rolled a great stone over the opening.

Would you like to take a shiny stone?

16 The women


On the Sunday monring it was the women who had the courage to come to the tomb, bringing spices. They wanted to remember, even if it was sad, but they found the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty.

Would you like to take some cinnamon?

17 The angels


The angels said, "Don't be afraid, be joyful! Go and tell everyone that Jesus is risen from the dead."

Would you like to take a feather?

18 Mary Magdalene


But Mary Magdalene would not leave. She stood crying until someone said, "Who are you looking for?" She thought it was the gardener, but he called her by name - "Mary". She knew the sound of that voice. It was Jesus! He was alive again! She was so happy that she ran to tell all his friends the good news.

Would you like to take a jewel?

19 New life


At Easter time we decorate eggs, and think about chicks hatching to remind us of new life.

Would you like to take an egg?

20 Transformation


Christians use the symbol of the caterpillar changing to a butterfly to think about Jesus rising from the dead.

Would you like to take a butterfly?


After the story trail the children were given a little organza bag and the chance to collect different spices.

These included: cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, fenugreek, fennel; lavender and rose petals; potpourri. (In previous years we had been able to offer myrrh and aloe handcream). NB Be careful of allergies.

Creative response

While one group was following the story trail, the other two groups were offered a time of creative response and refreshments.

One group used model magic to create something to do with the story.

Children chose to make crosses, eggs, empty tombs, bread and wine, and figures from the story.

They were also able to create crosses by winding wool around two crossed sticks.

The other group were given card cutouts of crosses, crowns, eggs, doves, and butterflies to decorate.

They used paintsticks, felt tips, gel pens, jewels and a variety of sparkles and other collage materials.

Easter puzzles, chickens and chicks, eggs, Jesus figures, butterflies and caterpillars, books and puppets were laid out on a rug for children to play with if there was any extra time.

At the end the class came back together for a short interactive prayer.