Liturgy box contents for weekly worship

This lists some of the possible items connected to worship and the Christian faith that might be in a child's liturgy box and how the objects might relate to a service of worship. The items may change and develop with the age of the child.


Most services have some form of Gathering at the beginning of worship. As we come together we remember that we are joined together as the Body of Christ. Linking toys (octons, rings, teddies) symbolise our coming together.

Children might use linking toys such as Galt Octons, Linking Rings, Linking Teddies. Children may like to join linking toys together with other people as they arrive at church. Perhaps a whole congregation might join in making a linking toys sculpture to depict gathering together as the family of God.


Most forms of worship have a welcome at the beginning of the service. Some denominations have specific greeting phrases.

Children may like to wave a "Hello Flag" with the picture of a waving hand on it and the relevant greeting. e.g. "And also with you."(Common Worship)


There may be an informal or more formal prayer of Confession where people say they are sorry to God.

Children may have a "Sorry" book. They may also have a "Sorry" cube with pictures of children being careless or unkind, together with pictures of them putting things right.

After the Confession there may be a prayer of forgiveness.

The "Sorry Book" is then put away, possibly in a little bag, symbolizing that the past is behind and that we are forgiven by God. Likewise the picture cube is turned upside down to show the words "You are forgiven".


As God's forgiven people some churches may sing in praise to God e.g. the Gloria. Children could wave a small flag with the words Glory to God on it.

They may also wave multi coloured ribbons on a small ring.

Bible Reading

Most services include a reading from one or more books of the Bible.

The liturgy box might contain a small children's picture Bible or small books of individual Bible stories, if possible of the days reading to look at during the Bible reading.


Many denominations baptise people into the church. Items relevant to a denomination's Baptism theology might be included.

A small bowl, a small jug, a shell, and a small baby doll may be applicable for infant Baptism.


Most worship services will have some form of intercessions. These might include prayers for the church, world situations, people who are sick, our families and homes and remembering people who have died.

A prayer cube showing each of the main prayer headings can be held during the prayers helping the child to focus on different topics during the prayers.

The children also have symbols for the different topics for prayer: e.g. a small globe, a cross and a church, a play doctor's item for the sick, a selection of little people from different countries etc.


Some denominations say a form of Creed during the worship. During the Creed the children might hold a triangle with symbols for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

They may like to have small objects instead: a world symbolizing God the Father, a cross for Jesus and a dove for the Holy Spirit.


Most churches have some means of collecting the money gifts from the congregation.

Children may like to have a small bag or purse in their box for their collection. The box contains a little bag for the children's collection money.

The Peace

Some denominations share the Peace at some stage during the service. A card can be included in the liturgy box with the words used. Children can be encouraged to share the Peace.

Holy Communion

Most denominations share in Holy Communion. If the children are present for the Communion Service a small wooden cup, plate, play bread and grapes and children's books about Communion could be included. Children make connections between the play items and the actions and story encountered in the Communion.

The Agnus Dei... Lamb of God

Some denominations sing or say a form of the Agnus Dei... lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

A small lamb could be included in the box, symbolising Jesus, the Lamb of God.

The Dismissal

Worship may have some form of some closing prayer such as the Grace or Blessing and possibly a congregational response. A "Good-Bye flag" with the relevant words may be included in the Liturgy box.