Worship Services

What does a worship service mean to you?

Christian services can include:

Simple Eucharists held in village churches and Praise Parties held in cathedrals;

Those that are mostly singing and those that are mostly silence;

Services held outside on beaches and hills and others held in halls and living rooms;

Those that engage all our senses and those that avoid distraction;

Services held at dawn and at midnight, at festivals and on weekdays...

With this rich variety to choose from, how can we use our services to help children engage in worship?

How do we make the elements of worship - gathering, confession, Bible readings, music, talk, prayer and sacraments - accessible to children?

Worship resources

Confession: Ways to engage children and adults during the confession including using stones and water, pictures, objects and drama

Creed: A time to say what we believe: lighting candles, candle cross, ring around the church...