Thinking about worship

When invited to join in the Easter greeting a three year old solemnly pronounced:

"I can't. I can't read."

Unfortunately, children often learn from an early age that worship means being able to read from a book, hymn book or service sheet.

They believe that they are too young to participate in worship.

But children can, and do, engage in worship, in ways that are appropriate to their development and experience of faith. Their worship may be enabled and demonstrated through word and story, symbols, gestures, music and sensory experience.

Thinking about worship resources

Child inclusive: What are children's needs as part of the worshipping community? What questions do we need to ask ourselves about what we are offering?

The need for meaning: Why do we so often think children need only fun and entertainment rather than opportunities to engage seriously with stories and take part in worship?

Child's eye view: What is church like from the viewpoint of a child?

Four questions for All Age Worship - and one church's attempt to answer them...